Goalkeeper Program






The best goalkeepers do more than just stop shots. We want to develop our goalkeepers into defensive MVPs!
All goalkeepers and back-up goalkeepers need to attend your assigned training sessions. 

Training sessions are designed based on age group and skill level.  

Training Topics Include (not limited to)   

  • Proper GK skills & techniques
  • Ball collection techniques
  • Throwing techniques
  • Punting techniques
  • Diving techniques
  • Plyometrics
  • Reaction Saves
  • Proper GK communication
  • Proper distribution
  • Positioning in the goal
  • How to handle high balls
  • How to handle low shots
  • How to handle breakaways
  • How to properly warm up for competition
  • Agility & quickness training

Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper Training

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Upcoming Goalkeeper Training


Tryouts: Goalkeeper Clinic
May 9-12 & May 24-25
Training Schedule will be provided to registered players - ONLY

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